Got questions? Hopefully this section on cloth nappies will help. 

Q.1 : How many cloth nappies will I need?

The answer to this can vary depending on babies age..and how often you plan on washing.

If you want to wash everyday then a minimum of 6 to 8 nappies per day would be needed.

Double that amount If you want to wash every other day. Triple that amount If you want to space out the time you wash..

There's no maximum amount of cloth nappies that you need this is simply down to preference.  

Q.2 : Is it expensive to build up a nappy stash?

If you bought one nappy per week/fortnight /month during your pregnancy you could build up a decent amount of nappies for when your baby is born. Spacing the payments out can make it more manageable to get started with using cloth nappies. 

Q.3 : Do i need nappy liners?

This is a personal choice, but the two main types of liners both have good points.

disposable liners can make changing poopy nappies easier by catching baby's poop.. and then you flush poop down the toilet (do not flush liners as some pipes cannot handle the liners being flushed) 

Fleece liners can help to keep baby's skin dry as well as catching poop and prevent staining to your cloth nappy.  They dry super fast also. 

Q.4 :  what nappies should I buy?

This one again is personal preference and I would suggest trying a few different brands rather than buying all of one kind, as what works for one baby may not work for another. 

Q, 5 : Fleece Soakers and how to wash them?

Fleece Soakers are a breathable pull up cloth nappy cover. They work by being water resistant and allowing moisture to evaporate due to their breathability... 

Easy to use, leaving no sock marks on the leg or waist areas, simply pull up and go and great for over night use. 

Washing fleece soakers is easy as they are such a hardwearing fabric you can wash up to 60°, they dry very quickly, coming out of the wash almost dry.. they can be tumble dried but as they dry so quickly you can pop them over a radiator or clothes horse or washing line and they will be fully ready to use again in no time. No treatment needed before use.  We do advise washing your fleece soakers before using them but this is simply to remove any left over residue from the manufacturing process. 

Turn your Fleece soakers inside out for washing as this will keep them looking newer for longer and prevent bobbling of the fabric.. 

Any other questions feel free to ask.. my email is sales@lrclothing.co.uk 

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